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ChildFund Zambia  -  Lusaka,    Closes: January 22, 2019

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Job Description

Plot no. 9158, Lunsemfwa Road

P.O. Box 32682, Lusaka

CHILDFUND ZAMBIA is seeking to recruit Provincial Facilitators (7) to work on an expected 5 years, DFID-funded Nutrition Project in Zambia. The Scaling Up Nutrition Program (SUN) 2.0 is a cross-ministry and multi-donor program to reduce stunting in Zambia through implementation of the Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ) 1,000 Most Critical Days Program. The first phase, referred to as SUN 1.0. was funded by several donor organizations and significant lessons were learned regarding coordination and implementation. The Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ) and cooperating partners are currently embarking on the next phase, SUN 2.0 managed by DFID and funded by several cooperating partners will enhance the management and implementation of the Pooled Fund by providing high-level technical assistance including support for planning, implementation and monitoring at the district and sub district levels.

ChildFund in partnership with SNV will be managing the SUN 2.0 Fund. This role is responsible for efficient, transparent and effective management and administration of the Multi-Donor Pooled Fund, including program procurement, direct payments and grant disbursements. The SUN Fund Manager will act as the Secretariat for the SUN Fund Steering Committee.  The core business of the SUN Fund is grant funding, through which UN, NGOs, National Line Ministries, Provincial line Ministry representatives, District line Ministry representatives and Ward structures will receive grants to finance the implementation of high impact interventions in the selected districts.

ChildFund will be implementing two interventions of the SUN Fund 2.0 Pool Management which include Priority Health Impact Intervention 3 and Priority Health Impact Intervention 4, including the Procurement and distribution of Nutrition Supplements and other Materials to 9 Provinces for 5 years.  The Activity will include that Provincial level and District level institutions capacity is built and that the medical supplies are procured in the required quantities and reach the medical outlets as required.

Overview of the Position

The Provincial Facilitator is expected to work with existing networks of local and national service providers from health, agriculture, education, sanitation, NFNC, PNCC and DNCCs as well as all stakeholders in the province and districts under the MCDP II target areas. The Provincial Facilitator’s overall responsibility will be to support the PNCCs and DNCCs ( Provincial & District Nutrition Coordinating Committees) in each of the target provinces to  develop and cost work plans to be submitted to the FM, in line with SUN partners TA; identify training needs for institutional strengthening at provincial district and ward level; manage working relationships and collaborations with the SUN 2.0 stakeholders at provincial and district level, including SUN 2.0 USAID TA and L&E providers provincial and district level representatives and NGOs; provide on-going support to NFNC provincial/district offices.

The Provincial Facilitators will work closely with SUN provincial coordinators for work plan alignment and monitoring (support to PNCCs and DNCCs). He/she reports to the TA Lead within Project Management Unit.

Key Responsibilities

  • Planning and Costing of Budgets. The Provincial Facilitator will be tasked to build provincial/district capacity (PNCC and DNCC) for development, costing and implementation of aligned provincial/district plans. S/He will work closely with all provincial/district stakeholders through the PNCC/DNCC to develop multi-sectoral aligned plans that will guide funding to simultaneously implementation of the recommended high impact interventions for reducing stunting through the 7 key ministries mandated to implement MCDP II.
  • Establishment of District Nutritional Teams –In Liaison with the local NFNC offices in the province/district, facilitate the process of establishment of PNCC/DNCC in the target district where these are not yet established.
  • Capacity Development and Strengthening; Lead the process of identifying the capacity gaps within the National Food & Nutrition Committee (NFNC) local offices, in the PNCCs, DNCCs and WNCC (Ward Nutrition & Coordinating Committee) in the flow and accounting of funds from the Fund Management. The provincial Advisor will also ensure that all bottlenecks in the funds flow are addressed. S/He will work closely with the local NFNC office at provincial/district in ensuring that plans are being implemented timely and in line with the agreed guidelines.
  • Funds request and accounting; s/He will take the lead in ensuring supporting provincial and district requests for funds to the FM and ensure that these funds are received timely. S/He will also ensure that all support materials are procured on time and delivered to implementing teams.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: S/He will ensure he monitors all PNCCs and DNCCs under him are submitting aligned plans and reports timely, that funds are requested on time and that disbursements from the funds are received by implementing teams on time and as agreed.

Duties and Responsibilities include:

  • Remaining alert and responsive to any child safeguarding risks, acquire relevant knowledge and skills which will enable you to promote strong safeguarding practices, understand the child safeguarding policy and procedures, and conduct yourself in a manner consistent with the Child Safeguarding Policy
  • Facilitate the development of provincial/district and ward plans and ensure that these are aligned and in line with the Fund management guidelines and principals
  • Undertake needs assessment and identification of capacity gaps and develop capacity building plans to support the PNCC, DNCC, WNCC and the local NFNC offices
  • Carry out timely request for funds disbursements to the provincial, district or ward teams and ensure all bottlenecks to funds flow are quickly identified and addressed.
  • Ensure all support provisions are procured on time and delivered to the implementing teams
  • Identify and compile all service providers in each target district so that they are included in the vetted vendor list
  • Coordinate and manage all relationships with local provincial and district venders
  • In liaison with the local NFNC office, coordinate and manage relationships with all local stakeholders,
  • Hold review sessions for the provincial and district stakeholders to review activity implementation, funds disbursements and reporting
  • Identify and document emerging innovations that improve implementation of interventions, disbursement and accounting processes as well as capacity building provision.
  • Reporting, Documentation and sharing results and lessons learnt from the project.

Competencies, Capabilities and Attributes: (Skills/behavioral, Special Training or Competence):

  • Demonstrated creativity, willingness to innovate, think systemically and work independently
  • high-level interpersonal skills
  • Strong background in gender integration and women empowerment desirable.
  • Team player
  • Relationship builder
  • Ability to work with a wide range of actors from different backgrounds (smallholder farmers, private sector companies, government, and NGOs)

Academic & professional qualifications, Knowledge and Experience:

  1. A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition, social work, agribusiness, health promotion, agronomy, Rural Development or other relevant discipline.
  2. Minimum of 3 years of experience in nutrition, community development, institutional strengthening (capacity building), agricultural related areas, and advocacy or behavioral change campaigns.
  3. Demonstrated Knowledge in stakeholder engagement, managing local platforms in development work, agro-biodiversity and dietary diversity at intra-household level.
  4. Demonstrated success in implementing programs with a measurement for results framework.
  5. Demonstrated experience in facilitation or capacity building of development practitioners including public service workers
  6. Demonstrated experience in networking and collaboration across projects.
  7. Interested to undertake extensive field work

Working environment: This position is Provincial Towns Based and 40% of office time and 60% field time.

Targeted Provinces: North-Western, Western, Central, Luapula, Northen, Eastern & Muchinga- Candidates based in these provinces are encouraged to apply.

Contract Type: Fixed term contracts for nationals only

Contract Duration: 2 years, with possibility of extension to 5 years

Expected Start Date: February 2019

Interested applicants are advised to send their CVs cover letter to [email protected] not later than 5:00 pm Friday 25th January,2019.

Please note that only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

ChildFund Zambia is an equal opportunity employer.

Posted on January 15, 2019
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