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Miracle Corners of Zambia Job Vacancy Accountant...

Miracle Corners of Zambia  -  Lusaka,    Closes: October 13, 2018

Finance & Accounts

Job Description


Miracle Corners Zambia (MCZ) is a small, non-profit organization with an annual operating budget of approximately $81,000 (appx. 973,411 ZMK) with a vision to empower communities in Zambia to achieve greater levels of education, improved health, and increased economic security. Our mission is to address communities’ pressing needs by empowering current leaders and readying leaders of tomorrow. Founded in 2009, MCZ is based in Chanyanya and offers vocational training, handicraft, and youth programs.

MCZ is looking for a short-term accountant assistant who will work closely with MCW’s Regional Finance & Administration Officer and will be responsible for:

  1. Posting financial transactions in QuickBooks;
  2. Performing bank reconciliations for the period of nine (9) years begging with 2009 through 2017; and
  3. Preparation of financial statements for auditing.


  • Setting up a physical filing system;
  • Filing and arranging financial documents in chronological order using monthly folders;
  • Recording financial transactions in QuickBooks for the period beginning with 2009 through 2017;
  • Performing monthly bank reconciliations for the period beginning with 2009 through 2017;
  • Preparation of financial statements for the period beginning with 2009 through 2017 required for audit including:
    • Relevant exercises required for statements to be accurate including asset valuation and land valuation
  • Work closely with the Center Coordinator/Country Manager to ensure all documents which may be missing are traced and filed accordingly – both in physical (in created filing system) and digitally (in the appropriate Google Drive folders);
  • Prepare and post audit Request for Proposal working with Country Manager and Regional Finance & Administration Manager;
  • Any other duties which may arise related to the above items.


The short-term accountant assistant will be full-time and will participate for the duration of the audit (including preparation for audit, process of audit bids, and audit).  Based on the project’s timeline, the duration of this position will be two months through end of November 2018) and begin October 9th.


We are looking for a person who is self-driven and hard working with the emphasis of meeting deadlines. The person who will be considered for this short-term position is expected to have the following qualifications and experience.

  • Relevant education background in accounting;
  • Experience using QuickBooks is a requirement;
  • Working experience of at least two years in a busy organization;
  • Detail oriented with experience in data entry.
Interested candidates must submit their application accompanied with their remuneration expectation by close of business 5th October 2018 to MCZ Country Manager, Violet Mwansa: [email protected]

Posted on October 03, 2018
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