TwanGale Jobs in Zambia Front Office Receptionist -

TwanGale Jobs in Zambia Front Office Receptionist

TwanGale  -  Lusaka,    Closes: August 18, 2018

Education / Teachers / Professors / Lecturers / Academics

Job Description



Will be the first point of contact for the company. Duties will include offering administrative support across the organization. Will welcome guests and greet people who visit the business. Will also coordinate front-desk activities, including distributing correspondence and redirecting phone calls.
Should have a pleasant personality, as this is also a customer service role. Should also be able to deal with emergencies in a timely and effective manner, while streamlining office operations. Multitasking and stress management skills are essential for this position. This role requires working in shifts, so flexibility is a plus.

Ultimately, the duties and responsibilities are to ensure the front desk welcomes guests positively, and executes all administrative tasks to the highest quality standards


  • Welcomes and registers GUESTS upon arrival and assists with their registration.
  • Allocates rooms. May operate a switchboard and direct in-coming calls, take and relay messages, execute wake-up calls, etc.
  • Deals with GUEST queries and requests and arranges assistance as necessary.
  • Completes various aspects of Front Office administration as directed.
  • Operates the Front Office/ Property Management system and posts room, miscellaneous charges to GUEST and accounts.
  • Prepares GUEST folio for GUESTS and checks GUESTS out upon departure.
  • Process payments.
  • Files dockets with GUEST folio and ensures that dockets are posted and filed before end of shift.
  • Take GUEST reservations and deal with booking enquiries.


Literacy: Must be able to read and write in order to complete Front Office administration and reporting and deal with GUEST registration, correspondence and records. Must be able to comprehend written policy instructions and operating manuals

Expertise: Must be able to do advanced accounting and mathematical calculations to deal with Front Office statistical reports, deal with receiving payment in acceptable forms, check GUEST folio accounts, calculate rates and discounts, etc.

Language: Must be able to communicate verbally in English for the purposes of communicating with GUESTS and management.

Physical: Must be able to spend lengthy periods of time standing behind a desk and be physically fit to respond to GUESTS requiring assistance in an emergency situation.

Competency: The employee must be competent in operating a computer and entering data on a keyboard. Competency in operating the Property Management System must be achieved within 2 months.

The employee is able to consistently apply the skills and knowledge requirements of the job position in order to meet and exceed the minimum GUEST Service Standards laid down.



1. GUEST Check In/ Check Out

The requirements of this key result area will have been satisfactorily performed when: –

1.1. Guests are greeted, checked in and allocated rooms promptly and courteously in accordance  with the laid down procedures. Rooms are allocated with note being taken of any special requests. Directs and arranges for GUEST luggage to be tagged and taken to GUEST’s rooms.

1.2. Check-in procedures are strictly adhered to and correct GUEST data is obtained and entered and billing details obtained and confirmed from each GUEST in accordance with laid down credit policy. Confirmation of method of payment is obtained and any correspondence relating to method of payment is attached with GUEST folio.

1.3. Liaison is maintained with the Reservations Department on forward reservations and current reservations are pre-allocated bearing in mind the GUEST history and preferences of regular and VIP GUESTS.

1.4. Alternative suitable accommodation, where possible at another Twangale Hotel, is arranged for a confirmed or regular GUEST if the Hotel is fully occupied.

2. Front Office Administration

The requirements of this key result area will have been satisfactorily performed when: –

2.1. Maximum room occupancy and yield is ensured in line with laid down policy on overbookings.

2.2. The GUEST list and other required information is updated regularly during the day and copies sent to appropriate departments, i.e. Housekeeping, Restaurant, Bars, General Manager, Guest Services, etc.

2.3. Close liaison is maintained with the Housekeeping Department on checkouts, moves, etc.

2.4. Any faults or defects are reported to the Maintenance Department.

2.5. The obligatory is familiar with the Hotel’s Rates Policy and Front Office Procedures and Policies, including emergency procedures and the Minimum GUEST Service Standards.

3. Front Office Billing and Cashiering

The requirements of this key result area will have been satisfactorily performed when: –

3.1. All charges are correctly entered onto the GUEST’s folio and that this is kept up to date at all times.

3.2. Credit control procedures are strictly adhered to, that no bills exceed the stipulated limit without prior approval from the Rooms Division Manager or General Manager and that written confirmation. purchase orders, or order numbers are on file.

3.3. Foreign currency and traveller’s cheques are exchanged for resident GUESTS in accordance with the Hotel’s procedure and policy and GUEST Service Standards.

3.4. All dockets and correspondence pertaining to GUEST ledger accounts are attached to the GUEST folio before being sent to the Accounts Department.

3.5. The float, cash and credit takings for the shift are balanced and the necessary cashier report completed. Declares any overage or shortage on this report. Counts and checks floats ready for handover.

4. Switchboard OperationThe requirements of this key result area will have been satisfactorily performed when: –

4.1. All in-coming calls are answered with a high degree of courtesy and friendliness that will project the desired image of the Hotel and such calls are re-directed to the person or Department requested. This may require that individuals within the hotel be paged in order to connect the call accordingly.

4.2. Assistance, where required, is given to GUESTS to make international calls or obtain information. All GUEST enquiries, requests or complaints, where immediate assistance cannot be given, are directed to the Guest Services Manager or Duty Manager.

4.3. All requests for wake-up calls are accurately recorded and executes such wake-up calls are initiated as requested, in a courteous and pleasant manner.

4.4. The job incumbent demonstrates his/her knowledge of procedures and actions to be taken when a doctor, ambulance, fire or any other emergency call is requested or emergency procedure is initiated.

5. Interpersonal Relationships

The requirements of this key result area will have been satisfactorily performed when: –

5.1. Subordinates and other members of STAFF are dealt with in a polite and helpful manner at all times.

5.2. Essential information required by the organisation is accurately communicated to the appropriate personnel and any differences of opinion with other members of STAFF are dealt within a manner that maintains goodwill and respect and avoids offence and conflict.

5.3. Management is kept informed in an appropriate level of detail about activities, progress and results and information and advice on matters within allocated area of responsibility is sought from supervisor when necessary.

5.4. Instructions from Management are treated constructively and acted upon

6. GUEST Satisfaction

The requirements of this key result area will have been satisfactorily performed when: –

6.1. GUESTS are greeted in a polite and friendly manner.

6.2. GUEST needs and requirements are anticipated and acted upon as soon as possible and GUEST enquiries and requests are dealt with promptly and efficiently. Requests outside area of authority are referred immediately to an appropriate person and requests are followed through to ensure GUEST satisfaction.

6.3. Dissatisfied GUESTS are acknowledged immediately and attended to without delay. The GUEST is assured that the complaint will receive immediate attention and such complaints are resolved within the individual’s ability or are referred to the appropriate person.



  • Diploma or equivalent preferred in general hospitality


  • Previous serving experience required with a minimum of (2-3) years
  • Excellent oral communication skills required.
  • Positive interpersonal skills required.
  • Ability to communicate in any 4 local languages and English.
  • Hotel Management Systems: APEX and plus point is an added advantage.
Interested candidates who meet the qualifications should submit their applications letters, CVs as one copy and copies of certificates to the undersigned: [email protected]. Applications should be received not later than 17:00hrs, Sunday 12th August,2018. Please indicate the job title in the subject of your e-mail, use your full name and the job title you are applying for as the filename of your application.

Posted on August 08, 2018
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